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    Glossary of Terms

    Browser The software on your computer which allows you to view a web site i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape, or America Online.

    Domain Name A unique web site name, registered with Network Solutions i.e., www.yourcompany.com. It can have up to 22 characters to the left of the dot. Also referred to as URL or web site address.

    Email Address A unique address for sending and receiving email, i.e., yourname@yourdomain.com

    Home page Usually the first page of your web site. Also called Index Page.

    HTML Stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language - the code used to make your web site pages appear the way you want them to - used by the web designer to create your pages.

    Hyperlink A word or image which, when mouse-clicked, takes you to another page. Same as link.

    Image Can be a logo, photograph, custom graphic, map, animated graphic etc. The more images on the page, the longer it takes to download (appear in the browser).

    Index Page See Home page.

    ISP Short for Internet Service Provider, the company that provides access to the Internet either over phone lines, or cable.

    Javascript A programming language embedded in a web page usually used to perform actions and/or visual effects.

    ASP Active Server Page. A Microsoft technology that allows for dynamic Web pages. Allows user input to create the Web page on the fly. Must be used with a Windows NT or Windows 2000 Web server.

    Keywords Any word which may have particular significance as to the content of your web site. Search engines like Yahoo or AltaVista sometimes rely on Keywords to find Web sites.

    Link A word or image which, when mouse-clicked, takes you to another page - same as hyperlink.

    Meta Tag Text in the source of the HTML structure of your page, which the user does not see - most commonly used are the "content" and "keyword" meta tags. The first is a sentence or short paragraph describing the site. The second is a list of up to 15 search phrases or keywords. Both describe the site. Some search engines and directories use these meta tags as their method of indexing.

    Network Solutions InterNIC A huge database of registered domain names, regulated so that only the web site administrator or web site technical contact can make changes. These are the people who make sure there are no duplicate web site domain names. They charge $35 per year for you to keep your domain name (with the first two years minimum, or $70, to start).

    Offline You are not connected to the internet.

    Online You are connected to the internet.

    Page Up to 300 words of text and two or three images. Keeping each page as small as possible minimizes load time.

    Search Engine A web site developed to generate results when keywords are used as search terms.

    Server A computer where Web files are kept. They are "served up" when you are on line and you key in a valid Web address. Also known as your web "host".

    Thumbnail A small image that is linked to a larger image to show detail. Facilitates download time when there are many images on a page.

    URL Short for Universal Resource Locator, same as web site address or domain name.

    Webmaster The person in charge of your web site maintenance.

    Web Address Same as domain name or URL.

    Web Administrator A person registered with Network Solutions as a contact able to make changes to your domain name information.

    Web Hosting A service provided by the server where your web site pages are stored.

    Site Maintenance All the work done with the web site once it has been placed on the server. This includes periodically checking that all the links on the site are still valid, and changing pictures, specials etc.

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